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GridMasterTraining ADM Templates for App-V

Although Microsoft offers a Group Policy ADM Template for App-V, we felt that there was a need for a template that covers more of the App-V client usage than was provided in that template. We developed a template as part of our Training Classes on App-V, and decided to make the full set of templates available for free download from this site.

Our templates are downloadable below in a single zip file. Inside the zip, you will find two folders, one contains the templates in ADM form and the other in the newer ADMX format.

In each of these folders, you will find four templates included. These four cover the combinations of 32 and 64 bit operating systems against desktop and terminal server versions of the App-V client.

These Group Policy Templates allow you to centrally deploy registry settings as preferences. When using this template, it is important to ensure that the App-V client installation is done using SKIPDATASETTINGS="TRUE" so that the client installer does not overwrite enabled policy items.

Download Templates (zip format) Here