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Announcing GridMasterTraining for Microsoft Application Virtualization 5.1 & 5.2 (App-V)

GridMasterTraining "Masters Level" 5.1/5.2 Class

The 5.1 release of Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) brings new changes to our training programs. Not only was the App-V Server rebuilt, but the ability to edit the AppXManifest file creates new possibilities for sequencing. Our classes fully cover the enterprise needs for all aspects of this application provisioning environment:
  • Concepts   We explain the underlying concepts, both of how applications work and how App-V implements virtualization.
  • Architecture   Microsoft offers three different ways to deploy virtual applications. In addition we cover alternatives using third party tools. Each has strengths and weaknesses. We help you understand these differences and what it will take.
  • Administration   Everything you need to know to deploy your infrastructure and manage it.
  • Sequencing   There is nothing like our hands-on-labs for sequencing. Learn the best practices, then learn the tips and tricks of the trade

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a "Masters Level" Class?

A:  This is not a "follow along the prepared exercises" kind of class. We will show you techniques to solve hard problems, but participants will be challenged to put those techniques into practice, solving application issues that impact their environment.

The feedback on this style of class has been phenomenally positive from past participants.

Q: Do I need prior experience?

A:  We expect some participants to arrive with expierience with SoftGrid/App-V, and some to arrive without it. We will be sure to we cover the basics so as to ensure everyone understands the details and best practices around application virtualization (and then so much more).

Q: Is this the Microsoft Official Curriculum class?

A:  No. Microsoft does not have a class offering directly on App-V. App-V is touched upon in classes covering a broad spectrum of Microsoft Technologies, but these typically involve sequencing a single application and you might learn more by watching a U-tube video. Our class is independently developed and allows for a through understanding of what doesn't work.

Q: Does the class cover use on Remote Desktop Services (Terminal Services)?

A: Yes! Since we have worked with the product since before the Microsoft acquisition, the majority of our customers have been using the Remote Dsktop Services Client, typically with Citrix.

Q: What about VDI>

A: Yes, that too.

Q: How is the class offered?

A: The new "Masters Level" class will be available both in public class format, and also on-site private classes from our two licensed partners, Big Hat Group, Inc and TMurgent Technologies LLP.

Public classes are appropriate if your company needs only a few people trained, and are able and willing to travel to one of our scheduled classes. One of the big advantages of a public class that we hear about from participants is the opportunity to work with your peers who face the same problems, but go about solving them differently due to their experiences and environment.

Private classes are appropriate when a company has (typically) four or more involved with application virtualization, or when travel or schedule does not permit the public class option. An on-site private class allows for significant customization of the content to fit your particular needs. Our partners are typically asked to provide consulting services in addition to the training content. These needs must be individually negotiated with the partner.

Q: When will the class be offered?

A: Immediately.

As always, the latest public schedule is at this link.

Q: Will there be a "refresher" class for former GridMasterTraining participants?

A: When 5.0 came out, we did one quick "refresher" class. But all classes are now full classes due to just how different 5.0 is. Arrangements for a private class can be arranged through our partners.

Q: Is there an "online" version of the class?

A: No. Our students benefit significantly from the personal attention and interactions that only occur when in the same room. We won't dumb down the training to make it work.

Q: Why isn't there a ton of info on this site about App-V?

A: We let our partners do that through their own sites:  Big Hat Group, Inc and TMurgent Technologies LLP